Swing Doc's Hit Up Baker 3/27/11 @ 10:15am

Whats up Swing Doc's?! We haven't been out on the course in a minute. We tee off tomorrow at 10:15am over at David L. Baker Golf Course. So far its Chris, Danny, Greg, and Larry on deck. Larry has already claimed that he will crush all of the competition tomorrow so everyone needs to bring their "A" game. See you at the course at 9am for some warmup buckets, coffee and, breakfast burritos. What do you guys think about the new site design and layout?

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  1. Alright guys, looks like the next round is going to be at Fullerton g.c. on Sunday 3/10/11. Tee time is set for 9am, $45 to ride, $33 to walk. So Get there early for breakfast and range time if you want, if not see you guys at 8:45.
    So far the roster is looking like Cevin,Curtis,Danny and Larry. There is one more spot available for a fiiifth and two peeps missing , Greg and Chris. Guys get back to me and let me know who's game.